Welcome Wednesday*

December 10, 2014

It's Wednesday, and if we thought the first week at Fiberista Club was crazy, the second one is shaping up to be wacky. We're calling it Wacky Wednesday. Don't worry, it's the good, Alice-In-Wonderland kind of wacky though, so we're thoroughly enjoying it. Here goes.

Welcome, Fiberistas!

We'd like to take a second to welcome all of the fabulous Fiberistas who have joined us during our first week and will be starting their subscriptions with our January box:

Lisa A . . . Adeline A . . . Becky B . . . Corneli B . . . Marnie B . . . Chelsie C . . . Kara C . . . Mary C . . . Sarah D . . . Vanessa D . . . Aimee G . . . Kyra H . . . Lorriann H . . .Therese J . . . Laura J . . . Anne K . . . Lizzie L . . . Andrea L . . . Krystal M . . . Kathleen M . . . Cristina M . . . Tammy M . . . Anita M . . . Stacy N . . . Beatrice O . . . Kristin P . . . Sarah R . . . Leslie R . . . Kristel R . . . Alexandra R . . . Paskalini S . . . Elaine S . . . Cori S . . . Michele T . . . Kelcey W . . . Hanna W . . . Monica W . . . Stefanie W . . . Jenna W

Knittin' All Over The World

Now, not only do we have some incredible people joining us for the club this week, but their participation means Fiberista Club will be enjoyed in almost two dozen states, and seven countries in January. From our furthest two delivery points, our boxes will be enjoy new homes over 8,000 miles apart. We're bringing wonderful fiber enthusiasts from around the world together under one common experience, and it couldn't feel better. Thank you for making this possible:

amChart (1) amChart (1) amChart amChart

So far, no penguins have signed up for the club, so we've taken the liberty of removing Antarctica from the world map. Sorry, penguins.

What Really Makes Us Different

A lot of people are wondering what is going to make this club different than any other, or why they shouldn't just shop for yarn themselves.

Well, we're working behind the scenes on some unique features - which we can't yet discuss because they range from "I've had four glasses a wine and what if everyone got their own unicorn in February's box" to "let's create a members-only shopping area parallel to the club" - to make Fiberista Club memorable, unique, and worth every penny of you're investment.

However, let's talk specifics here. What are you really going to get for your money? Well, we thought it would be nice to share our guidelines when selecting a yarn to feature in your boxes:

  • Does the yarn contain a unique fiber or fiber blend?
  • Is it hand dyed?
  • Can we help support a small(er) dyer?
  • Are we getting enough yardage for our fiber dollar?
  • Does the company offer colorway exclusivity?

So far, all four of our boxes running from January through April can answer at least four out of five of those questions as "Yes".

It's tough keeping the surprises to ourselves, but we're going to share the following facts with you. These contain no spoilers, but are statements about our first four boxes that are true. Within the next four months, members of the club will:

  • Enjoy a cashmere blend.
  • Get to knit with mohair or alpaca or llama blends. Or crochet. Or spin.
  • Have an opportunity to work with wool varieties including merino, BFL, Falkland, and Shetland.
  • Have exclusive access to a brand new yarn and fiber company. That's right. You are going to be some of the first individuals in the world to get your hands on this company's yarn. Oh, and you'll have exclusive access to shop for more of it for a full 45 days before they go "public".
  • We're working on some exclusive colorways with some of the most amazing companies in the industry. You'll be the only individuals to have access to these colors through our online store.
  • Close to half of the patterns in our boxes are exclusive to us, and only us, for six months or more.

In short, we're working really hard to provide you with a unique experience on every level. All of this, and your $50 subscription box will generally have a retail value of about $65-85 every month . . . or more!

Only 12 January Yarn Boxes Left!

nowaitlist nowaitlist

If you're reading this and you haven't signed up, then you should sign up right now.

We still have 11 days left for you to be on our January box list, but we're expecting to run out room in the next day or two. We're desperately trying open up a few more spots, but we don't think it'll be possible.

Two things to remember: 1 ) we will sell the yarn included in our box online, but it won't be at a subscription discounted rate. 2) if you miss out on January's box, you'll only be able to sign up for our February box.

We're planning on starting a waiting list for February as soon as January fills up. Don't worry, if you're subscribed for January, you're automatically on our list for February too.

If you're wait listed, you'll be notified once we open up February subscriptions on December 22nd.

January Boxes Are Shipping Early!

logofinal logofinal

Our dyers are busy busy busy right now, and have confirmed that they will have the yarn for our January boxes to us almost two weeks earlier than expected. This means most boxes should ship between January 5th and January 7th - more than 10 days earlier than we planned!

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July 18, 2017

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August 28, 2015

Socks are a great knitting project year round. Whether you knit them using the magic loop method, or are a master of double pointed needles, they can easily travel with you anywhere you go, are perfect projects for the warmer weather during summer months, and are usually quick to finish. They also make great gifts - who doesn't love a pair of handknitted socks?!

This month our sock club feature was Glitter Sock from Zen Yarn Garden. A wonderful blend of superwash merino, cashmere, nylon, and just a pinch of sparkle makes for a luxurious and fun knit.

Sock Club members received one of the thirteen colors featured in our Yarn Club palette for August:

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Knitting and crochet offer us the opportunity to connect to productivity as well as tap into our creativity. A slow, consistent building of loops gives us a finished product that takes time to make. This puts us in a unique position to plan ahead for the seasons - for example, in order to be able to wear something for the inevitable cooler weather that the Fall will usher in as the year turns into September, we often have to start contemplating what we'll want to add to our wardrobes beginning in August. 

With this need in mind, we officially launched into our first set of Fall-inspired shipments for our August yarn club. This month, we thought it would be a great treat to start the season with one of the most soft and versatile yarn bases we could find, and featured Zen Yarn Garden's  fabulous Serenity 20 (fingering weight) and Serenity Worsted (worsted weight) yarns, which feature a blend of 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon.


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