February '15 Yarn Box Reveal

February 17, 2015

It's Our Pleasure to Introduce . . . 

Enchanting Color. Magical Results.”


February's yarn box allowed us check off every one of the club's ideals. First, we were able to discover a relatively unknown Etsy shop. Then, we contacted the dyer. Rather than fit our mood boards to their current offerings, we created the mood boards first and worked with the dyer to complete each an every colorway featured within our boxes. 

Spellbound Fiber Co. is a two person team consisting of cousins who starting dyeing yarn when they were unhappy with the colors the could find with some of their favorite yarn brands.

Opting to keep things simple with the official launch, they're currently featuring four bases of superfine merino wool in a lace, dk, worsted, and super chunky weight. While they prepare to debut at TNNA in May and get the administrative side of their business off the ground, we've agreed to play host to their first independent online retail outlet so they can focus on dyeing their inventory and developing the rest of the colorway offerings, which will be debuting in the middle of March.

The Theme

Our theme for January's yarn box was twofold. 

The primary focus was celebrating the Year of The Sheep. It's why we decided to feature Spellbound Fiber Co.'s initial offering of superfine merino wool. What better way to ring in the lunar new year than with the very finest wool available?!

Keeping Valentine's Day in the back of our minds, we selected the super chunky and lace yarns as a way of bringing opposites together . . . yup, the term "opposites attract" was our attempt at a more subtle theme, and we couldn't think of a more perfect way to tie in this time of the year.

The Yarn

When you received your box, you most likely instantly wished you had about 100 more skeins of it so it could become your new mattress and pillow. The superfine merino used to make each of the selected basis is just so. incredibly. soft.

The super chunky weight was expertly dyed, offering an incredible amount of depth (we had a lot of Fiberistas who felt the dye job on this month's yarn made them actually like colors they don't normally find themselves attracted to), and features a generous amount of yardage: 142 yards in a 200g skein is more than we would normally seen offered in this weight.

Representing Our Neutral Mood Board
Representing Our Neutral Mood Board

Coven, Stone Cloud, and Willow Mist

Representing Our Warm Mood Board
Representing Our Warm Mood Board

Mystic, Throne, and Hex

Representing Our Cool Mood Board
Representing Our Cool Mood Board

Dream Within A Dream, Charmed, and High Priestess

The lace weight yarn featured this month also had a healthy amount of yardage - 765 to be exact!

One skein can easily accomplish most lace shawl patterns, while two or three places you squarely with cardigan range. Either way, these fabulous skeins are perfect for your most romantic or vintage inspired projects, and it's why we fell in love instantly.


Representing Our Cool Mood Board
Representing Our Cool Mood Board

Charmed, Dream Within A Dream, and High Priestess

Representing Our Cool Mood Board
Representing Our Cool Mood Board

Willow Mist, Coven, and Stone Cloud

Representing Our Warm Mood Board
Representing Our Warm Mood Board

Throne, Hex, and Mystic

Rather than dyeing the lace weight skeins identically to the super chunky weight, Spellbound Fiber Co. decides to treat them differently, keeping in mind the form the yarn will take in their new garment or accessory form. For this reason, you'll see less semi-solid in the lace weight yarn and more of an ombre effect. This base and the DK are the two to get this type of treatment, while the worsted and super chunky share their dye techniques and retain their semi-solid status.

If you're looking for dye lots here, well, there aren't any. Spellbound dyes each and every one of their skeins one at a time, so while the color formulations and dye process are the same, each skein has its own unique fingerprint. For this reason, if you're using more than one in a project, we recommend alternating between two skeins to achieve more of a blended look.

As a side note, we did notice an incredible amount of consistency in the colors of the skeins and the depth of shade in spite of their being no official dye lots. Intrigued, when we asked Spellbound why that was, they stated it was because they have strict quality control standards. If a shade doesn't look right, they simply won't sell it. Additionally, because they dye one skein at a time, they can usually fix the problem right away in order to accomplish the results they're looking to achieve. 

The Swag

If you're anything like us, the only thing you really love more than your bronzer are your various bags: computer bags, messenger bags, make-up bags (see note about bronzer above), etc.

Well, one can really not have enough project bags, and this month we decided it was only right that you carry around your yarnie treats in a bag that is worthy of both you and the wonderfullness (we know, not a real word) received in this month's box.

To this end, we included a Fiberista Club tote bag in every box we shipped this month. Here it is, in all its glory, accommodating every. single. colorway. and. base. we spotlighted for February:

In Conclusion

We know it's been kind of a crazy delivery this month, and all it took was one lost box of yarn to do it. We've done our best to keep the snowball under control as much as possible, and while it hasn't been perfect, we thank you for both your understanding and your appreciation of our hard work.

Our IT gal is working on the shop update for you all now, so additional yarn and patterns will be available for you very soon. 

We're trying desperately to get this all wrapped up knowing that March is just around the corner. It's been a really nutty month! Please know we appreciate your support, enjoy having you as one of our Fiberistas, and are both very excited to be working on the club full time from this point forward. We're passionate about what we're creating here, and we hope it shows.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email us or give us a call. We're always here for you!

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