April 2015 Yarn & Spinning Box Reveal

April 23, 2015

The Company

If color is your thing, than Chromatique Yarns has what you’re looking for!

In this month’s packages we attempted to surprise and inspire everyone with color to welcome in the Spring. I fully realize it was a departure from our normal “two skeins” of yarn we include in our boxes, but I was too excited and it was too special for me not to make this one exception to the rule when we starting talking to the dyer in January.

You’ll notice we attempted to include some hints in our mood boards, either with color spectrum representations or for the actual names of the gradient kits. I love those boards! :)

The amount of color we had to represent is the reason we had six mood boards - I hope everyone enjoyed the surprise!

The Dyer

Chromatique is the brainchild of fiber artist Lindsey Marie, whom in addition to being an intellectual soul (she's an attorney in another life), has an exceptional creative spirit and an incredible eye for color.

Lindsey credits her love of bold, vibrant color with her obsession with graphic novels, which she used to illustrate as a child and teenager. The understanding of how to create highlights and lowlights in order to make an illustration "pop" is her unique vantage point in creating such successful, complimentary gradient kits. Even if one color doesn't seem like it "works" with the others, when worked up, you'll be shocked to see how beautiful the end result really, truly is. It takes a little trust sometimes, but we love Lindsey for her unique point of view, and Chromatique has quickly become one of our favorite yarn companies based on color alone.

Lindsey is currently meeting the demand for her kits (both in our shop and hers - www.chromatiqueyarns.com), is developing her Fall/Winter gradient collection, spending some bonding time with newly adopted fur baby Nix (as in Stevie), and has plans to extend a core selection of her colors into full sized skeins.

The Yarn

Simple and straightforward, both yarns were a merino single ply. One was a worsted weight, one was a fingering weight, and the only other difference between the two is that the fingering weight is indeed superwash, while the worsted weight is not. We ask our Fiberistas to keep this in mind during their garment care. 

The Dye Job

Gradient kits are tons and tons of fun to knit with for subtle color changes and distribution or color-blocking projects or dramatic stripes.

Personally, I find the ones I love hard to get a hold of: they almost always sell out as soon as may of the dyers I follow post a shop update.

I also love the fact that there are nine coordinating colors in each kit! This allows for so much customization in a finished project, as well an opportunity to really "nail" the color changes as they happen, considering these kits are not monochromatic.

chroma_eye of the tiger_fingering.jpg
chroma_lilacs & leaves_worsted.jpg
chroma_scarlet galaxy_fingering.jpg
chroma_turquoise beach_worsted.jpg
chroma_vintage coast_fingering.jpg
chroma_volcano sunrise_fingering.jpg

The Fiber

After two back-to-back months of blends, I wanted to change it up and get back to basic (as well as stick with a theme). For spinners, we featured 18.5 micron superfine merino wool.

We still featured gradient kits, each with three different colors. Each color was 100g of fiber, for a full 300g total.


Droool. With so many colors in each kit, we're excited to see what our very creative, talented spinners come up with as a finished yarn!

The Swag

This month, we featured some great needle gauges customized for us by the fabulous folks at Nancy’s Knit Knacks. They’re extremely, extremely accurate (I notice sometimes even my Addi gauges are a little wonky, but these stood up to my tests - no guess work at all!). 

The gauges also cover every. single. size. imaginable. If you have some 000 needles, you're in luck!

The Upgrades

We including three different upgrades this month as our Platinum Upgrades:

The first was a special, limited edition color palette called “Blush Romance”.  This kit is only available to Fiberistas. (If you'd like one, please contact us as we're not including it in the store so we can keep it under wraps!).

The second was an upgrade from a regular kit to a lux kit, which was a fingering weight yarn in a merino/cashmere/nylon blend.

Our third upgrade were 50 sets of knitting needles from Indian Lake Artisans:

These are fabulous, hand crafted HEXAGONAL knitting needles. If you haven’t knitted with these yet and received them, you’re in for a treat.

The straight edges on the hexagonal shape have two benefits: first, no slipping stitches - there’s a great grip to any fiber.

Second, it helps with hand fatigue for marathon knitting sessions, which I know is probably an issue for most of the fiberholics in this club!

The straight edges are more ergonomic for your fingers to grip and use, rather than trying to stay clutched to a cylinder. 

ADDED BONUS: We have a partnership with Indian Lake for the foreseeable future. All Fiberistas will save 10% on any order with them. We released the coupon code earlier this week, but if you're a club member and didn't receive it, just let us know before you pick up a set of these fabulous needles. 

The Pattern

The pattern was kept very simple this month for multiple reasons: first, we wanted to make sure every skill level of knitter had something very accessible to work with since dealing with nine colors without a game plan can be a little tricky; secondly, we wanted color to shine through, and allow Fiberistas to experiment with their kits without a complicated pattern construction getting in the way.

A simple garter stitch triangular shawl is on the agenda for April. There are color suggestions included, as well as a couple of ways of completing the increases based on the goal of the finished look.

Color arrangements are included in the pattern for knitting the kit as intended, but also in an alternate version for more of a striping effect.


May's Mood Boards!

It seems like we're always going, going, going here at FC - the fun never stops! Our May club boxes will be no exception. Here are the mood boards that inspired next month's yarn, fiber, and colors:


If you'd like to change your color preferences before next month's shipment, please visit the following link and login to your Fiberista Club account:

Change MY Preferences

Double Down is now available in the FC store for May 2015. 

Get your double down

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